Family Tattoo Ideas

family tattoo ideas

Being the base and guardian of all the enterprises that man has been making since the beginning of time, the family is the most sacred institution ever since men have started gathering in tribes. Family is the support a child needs to bring him into this world, teach him, support him up until the age when he can fend for himself and make a family of his own. It is then no surprise that many men and women today decide to have a tattoo expressing a tribute to this institution, either the one they are making or the one that made them who they are. Family tattoo ideas are the materialization of a very personal subject that individuals would like to transform into body art, and can range from portraits of loved ones to symbols suggesting family love and connections.

Someone could also choose just to express their belief in the institution by simply having a tattoo stating family, be it beautifully written alone or with sayings expressing its eternal, saint and deeply rooted character. Very artistic family tattoo ideas stylized include genealogic trees, or even trees that have branches made up of people, mother and father holding hands with children to make the beautiful tree of life.

A father can tattoo his child’s face on his back or arm, a mother could tattoo her family’s members’ names onto any part of her body, or brothers could share the same tattoo, showing the whole world that they are bound by more than just blood. A simple word or a portrait of the loved ones, the image of a toy the baby loves or the name of a beloved wife, every family tattoo has a very personal meaning, being utterly special, exposing a strong love and expressing the wearer’s deepest feelings for everybody too see. The wearer is not afraid to show the most important thing in his or her life, is proud of the feelings that shape him to be a father and her to be a mother.

Family is based on mutual respect, love and trust, and a personal means of expression like a tattoo can express all these attributes in a symbol close to everyone’s heart.

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